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Baldness and Hair Loss


Baldness and hair loss have a permanent solution today


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Cosmetique® specializes in hair transplant. The cost of hair transplant in Pakistan is considerably low as compared to any western country.

Before starting a treatment it is essential to know viagra cheap canada which is your baldness grade and type.

Find out your baldness grade and type by reading this exclusive interview about Medical Hair, leading hair recovery center in Pakistan.


Which of the Pictures on the right best describes your baldness grade? The first step to find a solution to your baldness problem is to know which is your grade and type of alopecia. The treatment may vary considerably whether your grade is mild, moderate or severe. Fortunately, there is a natural, affordable and permanent solution to all of them.


Once you have detected your baldness type, it is important to have a first personalized consultation with a specialist physician. To this regard, Medical Hair offers you a free examination and diagnosis with high precision micro-cameras and densitometers. Besides, you can see pictures and watch videos from patients who suffered your same baldness grade and their subsequent treatment and final optimum result.




Hair Microtransplant: Small pieces of hair bearing scalp grafts from the back or sides of the patient’s head are removed and they are fragmented into follicles containing 1, 2 or 3 hairs. These follicles are micro- implanted one by one into the bald or thinning area. As it is the patient’s native hair it will not eventually fall out.

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