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By searching so many sites/visiting so many doctors and by seeing too much advertisement, I am confused where to go?

Yes, this is pretty confusing nowadays where to go, to whom to believe. Everywhere you will feel a commercial touch.

We believe that keeping apart financial aspect; we should get maximum out of this procedure.

Hair transplant is a fine microsurgical procedure, needs lot of patience and dedication.

It is of utmost importance to check credentials and qualifications of the surgeon; and it must be known that plastic surgical specialists are not only trained in microsurgical skills extensively but also they are considered to be the most patient, untiring and dedicated.

We should deliver the best till last moment.

For your awareness the best doctor to perform hair transplant is a dermatologist trained in hair transplant. There are a lot other physicians trying to do hair transplant because of financial intents, many times giving injustice to the needy patients;  Awareness is solicited in this era; we must not purchase disappointments, because wrongly done hair transplant will force you to wear cap because of unnatural look; it is better to stay bald if you are in doubts.

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