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Hair Transplantation


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Hair Transplant Unlike any Other


–Cosmetique pk


The fear of being noticed; pinpointed as someone who just couldn’t live with their given head of hair…

Whatever your hesitation may be, consider it a fear of the past.

Because the ultra refined follicular unit hair transplant […]

FUT and FUE methods of hair transplant used in Pakistan

There are many different methods of hair transplant being used by doctors in Pakistan. These methods include the “Gold Standard” strip method of taking the grafts and then placing them on the recipient sites using “FUT” or Follicular Unit Transplant method in which a single or a naturally occurring bunch of hair is placed as […]

Is it "normal" to have acne in teen age or is it a disease?

Most of the people think of acne as an integral part of teen age. They think that it is normal to have acne as one steps into his teen without realising that this devastating disease can leave unsightly permanent scars if not treated early on.The myth of taking acne as a “normal” part of an […]

Do you think food caused your acne?

So what do you think? how does viagra work Many people believe that certain foods cause acne. Foods commonly blamed to cause acne include chocolates, oily foods, nuts and eggs. It is, however, contrary to the most scientific studies which conclude that Acne is NOT caused by certain kinds of food. We would love to […]

Can laser cause skin cancer?

No. There are absolutely no studies that suggest this viagra tablets for sale myth. Somehow this myth is more common in less developed or underdeveloped countries like in Pakistan. Most of the people who share this view are those who are not even doctors.

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