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What is better Strip method or Follicular unit extraction?

Studies say that STRIP method is still the number one choice for hair transplant, because of excellent maximum density achieved that too with little compromise of a hair line scar which becomes practically invisible over the time in most of the patients. Weighing the benefits of strip method with almost 100 % success rate, the compromise of this very fine scar (that too becomes invisible due to growth of hairs through this line in most of the patients) is really negligible.

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This method requires well equipped center with skilled plastic surgeon; who owing to the nature of plastic/micro surgical specialty can perform it with utmost care. In this method the highest number of follicles can be harvested (according to size of strip as per need, a strip as long as 20 cm and as wide as 3 cm can be harvested) and that too leaving the area adjacent to strip untouched thus maintaining normal density adjacent to the closure line. This uses the elastic/stretchable property of skin, and viagra sale usa after strip harvesting the wound is closed primarily giving natural look.


There is no wound or gap visible. The whole process is done under direct vision keeping the roots visible maintaining the highest quality of grafts ensuring complete success of grafts without any damage to the grafts (each and every graft is valuable in bald patient, it is hair bank).

In follicular unit extraction method inserting the punch is little blind technique and there are chances (though very low in experienced hands) of damage to follicles owing to vibration energy of punch and chance of transection of roots due to different angulations of hair roots. Moreover we need larger donor area and to get about 2500 follicles or so we need to span whole of back of head (to maintain sufficient left over density on donor site). In this way the highest number of available follicles is lesser as compared to STRIP method. Moreover second or subsequent stages lead to further decrease in density in the donor site in follicular unit extraction method as multiple punch holes lead to scarring over larger area (In strip method it is localized along a single line and adjacent hair density remains untouched).

But we cannot ignore the utility of follicular unit extraction method.

This is good choice for a certain group like–

For those who need smaller sessions; or need donor sites other than head (like moustaches, beard, chest, thighs, abdomen etc.). Moreover this is a very good supplement to strip method in subsequent stages. There are patients in which combined techniques can be done.

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