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What is follicular unit/follicular graft/hair graft?

Owing to latest advances in microsurgery, whole of discussion of hair transplantation now revolves around micrografts, more specifically in current nomenclature, follicular grafts.

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In the early years of Hair transplant, the graft was obtained with round large punches (often 3.5 to 5 mm or more in diameter). The obvious draw back was that this caused an unnatural appearance when these large plugs with multiple hairs were placed into recipient holes (appearance of bushes). On detailed evaluation it has been found that there is a natural clustering of two to three/four follicles together in units.  This naturally occuring clusters of one to four hair follicles is called follicular unit/follicular graft/hair graft. Micrografts contain 1-2 hairs and minigrafts contain 2-4 hair and both micro/mini grafts in current terminology are defined as follicular units.

Figure 3 Follicular units

Figure 4 Real picture of Hair Follicles

By maintaining these follicular units during procedure, it is clear that we get maximum number of hairs developing from each graft, thus preserving the natural/normal structure and giving the best results. By use of magnification, it is possible for assistants preparing the grafts to meticulously define these follicular units.

Graft preparation is a key component for successful hair transplant. If the grafts are not properly prepared and well handled, the potential success of these grafts gets compromised. Successful hair transplant requires a team of assistants who meticulously cut grafts of high quality and of appropriate dimensions. viagra australia At ‘Olmec’ we have been able to develop a special hair transplant wing owing to this dedicated team which constantly thrives to achieve best results of international stand.

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