FUT and FUE methods of hair transplant used in Pakistan

There are many different methods of hair transplant being used by doctors in Pakistan. These methods include the “Gold Standard” strip method of taking the grafts and then placing them on the recipient sites using “FUT” or Follicular Unit Transplant method in which a single or a naturally occurring bunch of hair is placed as it occurs in nature - in the recipient area to give it the most natural look. Hair created by God usually occur in a group of 2-3 hair as a bouquet but less often can be found in single or more than 3-4 hair group as well. “FUE” or Follicular Unit Extraction is another method of hair transplant in Pakistan. It entails taking one follicular unit (or bunch of hair) from the donor area using a cookie cutter type instrument called as “punch” which is about 1 mm in diameter and taking one graft out at a time containing anywhere between 1-5 hair and transplanting them on to recipient area.  Apparently it sounds like “FUE” causes less scarring as portrayed in ads which is purely a marketing gimmick. In fact thousands of 1 mm or so scars can make the donor area looking “bald” or thinning as compared to a well sutured strip line that fades away dramatically with the use of latest “trichophytic” closure methods that ensure hair growth in the linear scar causing camouflage affect to make the scar less pronounced.

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