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Be Wise about Beauty – Choose the Most Qualified Doctor™

Seven Smart Ways to Choose the Best Doctor!

  1. Ask another doctor who is not from the same specialty (as there are professional jealousies) – to recommend you the best doctor in the field of your interest. For example ask from the best known lung specialist that “ Who is the best skin specialist in town?” Get some references from other patients or a few other doctors – about the doctor you are going to see – if they all speak about the doctor very high – he is most likely very good.
  2. Ask the doctor about his qualifications – if he gets offended, he is probably not the one you want to be treated by. Most good doctors are happy to show you their achievements and the degrees they earned. In fact they take pride in doing so.
  3. Ask the doctor very specifically “ How long was your training in the field of Cosmetic Surgery”. Was it a few days course or a proper degree. Remember, in the United States, the only credible qualification is the” American Board Certification” by a specialty board like American Board of Dermatology – for which the doctor has to work in the United States in training for at least three years or more and then pass the Board certification examination. Also, ask the doctor if he has or ever had a license to practice in the United States – and check the license. (It can be verified on line as well).
  4. Many “memberships” in the foreign organizations can be obtained by paying a few hundred dollars fee. THESE ARE NOT DEGREES. Many doctors write these memberships in front of their names to deceive public as if they are “US” or “UK” qualified. Beware of these scams. Just ask any doctor (especially in the family or friend’s circle) who you can trust, to decode these ABCDs for you. He/she will be able to tell you the degrees from the paid memberships apart.
  5. Make an appointment and seek more than two opinions before you decide for any surgical procedure. Make sure it is a “paid” and “honest” consultation. Remember, most of the “free consultations” are done to persuade you for the procedure. So stay away from” free consultations”. Nothing good in life comes free – so is your very very important medical consultation.
  6. Never trust the advertisement in the newspapers/ TV – it could be misleading. Go online and check the credibility of the doctor from the websites like American Board of Medical Specialties' website which lists all the American Board Certified doctors, You can also use some commercial websites like, where ALL of the truly American qualified doctors are listed. If your doctor is not listed here, he is probably not American qualified.
  7. Most importantly, do your research as if it is going to be the most important decision of your life – because IT IS.

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