Keloid Treatment in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Pakistan

Best Keloid Treatment in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Pakistan

Best Keloid Treatment Options


There are different kinds of scars. Some scars are small and gradually fade away as the wounds heal. Other scars are a little larger than the "original wound" and are called as "Hyper-Trophic" (meaning larger) scars and then there are scars that continue to get larger than the original injury or wound site and are called as "Keloids.. "Keloids" usually start from a skin injury site or even a small scar of a pimple (acne) typically on chest or back but can exist virtually on any body part. To learn more about keloids click here. It is extremely important to get the proper evaluation of the keloid before the removal is considered. Most of the time surgery is not recommended for keloid removal as they tend to come back even bigger than the originally removed keloid. In rare instances surgical excision may be recommended. Other effective and safe options include injecting the keloid with a medicine Triamcinolone Acetone carefully with an extremely thin needle or even without a needle using the latest technology called as "Derma-Jet". In this non-needle injection technique a very fine but powerful stream or spray is thrown at the keloid and the medicine is injected into the deeper layers of skin without the use of any needle, thus making it a very popular treatment choice. Other treatments include Pulsed Dye Laser and Fractional Er:Glass Laser & Fractional CO2 laser. Coupled with our extensive experience in treating keloids in asian skin in Pakistan and abroad, these latest technologies are Alhamdulillah extremely effective in reducing the size of keloids to such an extent that they become almost imperceptible and barely visible. Sometimes the results are so remarkable, that it is difficult for even us to determine where we performed the treatment of keloids. We see patients from Lahore, Karachi, and all over Pakistan for the treatment of Keloids.


Radiofrequency® treatment is one of the latest ways to treat keloids without damaging the surrounding skin. We use the best Radofrequency device in the world made by Ellman, USA. We are, by the Grace of God, the only center in Pakistan using this cutting edge technology for the treatment of keloids in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Pakistan.

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