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Warts are small growths and are caused by a germ Human Papilloma Virus also known as HPV Virus and can be transmitted from one person to another by physical contact or touch. Our doctors are the most qualified experts for the treatment of warts and are the dermatologists accredited by the American Board of Dermatology, American Board of Internal Medicine, American Academy of Dermatology and American Society for Dermatologic Surgery & american Academy of Cosmetic Surgery to name a few. Here is some basic information about warts, their causes, treatment options and complications if not treated in time. One can catch warts by touching the surfaces like door handles etc., which have been in contact by a person suffering from warts. Also, scratching a wart and then putting the same finger on another part of the body can transfer the disease to that body part as well. It is a common observation that warts tend to occur on areas of trauma more often than other parts of the body e.g., warts tend to occur more commonly on calluses on soles and on palms and fingers of hands as these areas tend to get microscopic fissures or breaks in the skin facilitating entry of wart virus. Also, areas which are moist tend to harbor warts more than dry areas e.g., soles/feet are common occurrence sites. Treatment of warts can usually be done using various medications topically. If topical treatments fail, warts can be treated using cryotherapy and in very rare instances with surgery and cautry. While cryotherapy is a very safe option, cautry (treatment in which warts are burnt using electrical hot tip) can leave unsightly marks and is usually avoided in most circumstances.


Wart Removal / Treatment with State-of-the-art Cryotherapy by CryAc in Lahore, Pakistan


Warts can be easily treated by burning with extreme heat or cold using special devices. The most effective treatment employed at some of the best centers in the world is called as cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is a treatment method in which an extremely cold gas (liquid nitrogen) is finely applied over the wart using specialized Cryogen equipment. We use the world's best Cryogen equipment made by Brymill. Although liquid nitrogen can be applied with crude methods like cotton ball or a wooden stick, these unrefined methods can cause a burn and scarring if done in appropriately. On the other hand using a state-of-the-art equipment like CryAc by Brymil ensures that a very fine mist of liquid nitrogen is finely applied over the wart sparing the surrounding area. Not only the surrounding area of normal skin is spared by using this advanced equipment, but also an accurate degree of temperature of the tissue being treated can be measured by the surgeon performing the procedure. This makes the treatment highly accurate and effective. Self medication by burning warts with acids or picking at them can leave unsightly marks and can even spread the disease.


Introducing the NEW Brymill Cry-Ac™Tracker™ Cam


tracker cam solo2


Cosmetique is the only centre in Pakistan using the Cry-Ac™Tracker™ Cam. This latest device measures the temperature of the skin when spraying Liquid Nitrogen via the Cry-Ac™ delivery system. In this way, the selected skin lesion is treated using the latest Infrared Sensing technology. 

The doctor can set the Cry-Ac™Tracker™ Cam to indicate when a predetermined freeze temperature has been achieved at the lesion which increases the accuracy level of cryotherapy to a great level.


With our revolutionary new infrared sensors and built-in camera, you can:

tracker screen2 2

Get a clear, precise view of the lesion area

tracker screen 2 Program applications by skin temperature and freeze time for better control

tracker screen 2

Record video and audio of treatments and collect patient data for EMR files



Removal of Warts:


Cosmetique offers sate-of-the-art services of warts removal using the latest technology at par with some of the best centers in the world at your doorstep in Lahore, Pakistan.



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