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What does a well educated and informed patient looks for, in a practice when making a decision to go for medical /surgical treatment? Is it the qualification and achievement of the physician, the quality of instruments/machines used at the facility, the helpful medical staff, and safety of a surgical procedure or the sterilization of the instruments?

Extraordinary sterilization, the most effective and advanced equipment and the meticulous attention given to the quality from a simple needle to a laser makes Cosmetique® the best center in Pakistan for the treatment of skin diseases, cosmetic and laser surgery. Sterilization procedures at Cosmetique® are meticulously followed to prevent cross infection and the clinic interior is electronically purified with ionizing air filters. Treatment with newest lasers from tattoo removal to skin tightening to hair removal and pigmentation are available at this institute. Here, special care is taken in choosing the best and safest skin fillers like Restylane® and Juvederm® for wrinkles, acne scars, cheeks and chin augmentation. Cosmetic procedures such as liposuction face lift, hair transplantation, eye lid bag removal and eyelid beautifying surgeries are done under local anesthesia but utmost attention is given to make stay of the patient pleasant, comfortable and pain free.

At Cosmetique® proficient and expert treatment is offered at all levels. With highly qualified doctors and consultants at work, you can be certain of the quality of care you will receive. Cosmetique® operates on international medical standards, being a part of Affiliated Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Centers of New Jersey & Ohio. Cases are also referred for pre/post-operative evaluation and surgery to the USA to Dr.Scarborough, Dr. Bissacia and Dr. Khan. From the fully equipped outpatient operating suites to the relaxed atmosphere of the reception areas, these centers have been designed to offer the maximum in-patient safety and comfort.

Whether you come in knowing exactly what you want to accomplish, or just want to explore the possibilities, the consultation is the key. It is here that you can discuss your situation, feelings and goals with one of our physicians, and discover which options are best suited for you.

Our doctors will listen carefully to your concerns, examine you, and offer their suggestions as to how you can best realize your goals and achieve the look you've dreamed about. They will provide you with written material describing the proposed procedures, and offer an estimate on fees, so that you have all the information on hand to assist you in making this important decision. They will also help you visualize your new look with the simulation software (not in use at any other facility in Pakistan) that alters your picture to show you exactly how you would look after any cosmetic procedure. So there are no surprises other than your gorgeous new looks.

Our team members at Cosmetique pride themselves on providing professional, individualized care to each of our patients. Highly skilled and trained in their personal areas of expertise, our staff members provide a level of attention and comfort that is unequalled. From the moment you come into the clinic for your initial consultation, you will feel their genuine concern in helping to make the entire process a positive life experience

Recently, in Pakistan Dr. Azim has introduced treatment for vitiligo by transplanting live melanocytes (natural color producing cells from the normal skin) to the effected area. This procedure is done only at a few centers in the world.

A virtual tour of Cosmetique® Skin, Laser, Hair Transplant, Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Center Lahore, Pakistan.

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