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Gastric Banding/Ballooning

The medically supervised gastric ballooning is the latest internationally proven weight loss modality. This procedure is ideal for people who are generally obese and have made many futile efforts to shed off their extra pounds with the routine weight loss regimes.

A gastric balloon is a soft silicone sack which is inserted into the stomach and then filled with sterile saline without any surgical intervention at our clinic by our expert doctors.

With the gastric balloon the person will have the feeling of satiety (feeling of fullness) only after eating a small portion of his routine everyday diet. Consequently, the person eats less and dissolves the piled up fat in his body without going through the tortures associated with dietary restrictions, starvation and tedious exercises.


The entire procedure generally takes about 20-30 minutes and does not require the involvement of general anesthesia or any hospital stay. The gastric balloon is later removed from the stomach after about six months, once the patient has attained his ideal or desired body weight. The best thing is that this procedure, being entirely reversible, helps you adapt to eating smaller servings of your regular meals ------thus taming your gastronomic desires to maintain an ideal body weight and a perfect figure. For more information call our office or book an appointment.

A: A diagram of Gastric Balloon in stomach.         B: This is the real picture of balloon in the stomach.
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